Royal Caviar Club x Alexandre Mareuil

In collaboration with Alexandre Mareuil, a French company founded back in 1972 that specializes in leather goods, hunting gears and accessories. 100% handmade in Bordeaux, the brand has been labelled as a “living heritage company” back in 2006 in recognition of its exceptional “savoir-faire”.

Royal Caviar Club proudly presents the caviar trunk collection, a luxury trunk where you will be able to fit not only the beautiful caviar but also wine bottles and champagne bottles!

The leather used from Alexandre Mareuil are Bovine leather mainly from France, Italy or Germany and the inner fabrics are in cotton with a water repellent treatment. The iconic combination watch lock system is manufactured is Italy and taking from a classical watch concept, the lock consist of 2 rings in which the outside ring represents the minutes and the inside ring represents the hours. This way you may customize your own timing to open it at your designated chosen time

All boxes are fully handmade therefore it will usually take about 3 weeks to produce a box, and fully customizable, such as leather trunk color, inner color, customized initials.

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