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Premium Baerii Rare
Premium Baerii Rare

Premium Baerii Rare

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The Premium Baerii Rare is an exceptional caviar from the Siberian Sturgeons farmed in France, Bordeaux for 13 Years. As a result its unusual big grains with a tender structure just melt in your mouth uncovering the subtle nutty flavor with sea note. 

Sturgeon type: Acipenser Baerii Rare

Sturgeon Age: 13 years

Ingredients : Sturgeon roes, salt 3,5%

Colour: Dark grey colour

Size : OVER 3.1 mm

Taste Notes:  Large sized beads is very soft and thin that makes the caviar very delicate and it nearly melts in your mouth brimming the palate with tender lightly salted buttery and sea flavour.

尊藏法蘭西皇后,這種珍稀的魚子醬是來自法國波爾多所養殖的西伯利亞鱘魚。 魚子醬具有柔軟的結構,而且不尋常的大顆。在你的嘴裡融化,散發出海洋中微妙的堅果風味。

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