Rolls Royce and Royal Caviar Club

Bespoke Inspirations with Rolls Royce and Royal Caviar Club

May 3, 2017


In recognition of the outstanding quality of our products – ROYAL CAVIAR CLUB PREMIUM CAVIAR – we have been invited be one of the official sponsors at an ROLLS ROYCE BESPOKE EVENT on March 2017 at the Rolls Royce Motor Cars Showroom , HK.

The art of Bespoke reflects our lifestyle and embodies us as unique individual.
The Bespoke designer from Rolls-Royce along with a John Lobb Master Bootmaker were illustrating and demonstrating the art of Bespoke and liberate ultimate imagination with Premium Caviar by Royal Caviar Club.

This collaboration showcase excellence in modern design and luxury and we were very honored and proud to be a part of this celebration.